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The implants officially made their first entry into dentistry in 1908. Previously, many materials have been tried to replace the implant in ancient times. Animal bones, wood pieces, gold etc. Modern implants are produced using structures such as titanium, which can be incorporated into the jawbone.

After implantation, the integration process, which we call osseo-integration, starts. Upper prostheses are applied after a while.

The success or failure of dental implants is directly related to the general health of the implanted person, the use of drugs that affect bone integration as well as the health of the tissues in the mouth. Therefore, a person cannot be judged as eligible for an implant without examination.

Implants can be applied in patients with single teeth, multiple teeth, or completely toothless patients. The bone structure in which the implant will be placed and its proximity to important anatomical structures should be considered.

In our clinic, tomography is performed in order to take measurements of all the tissues and many factors such as adequate bone distance, maxillary sinus proximity, and Alveolaris inferior nerve proximity are examined carefully. Careful treatment is provided by our specialist doctors.