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The parts of our teeth that appear in our mouths are called crowns. There are also root parts in the jaw bone. The structure of tooth roots varies from tooth to tooth and from person to person. The tooth roots contain a tissue consisting of the vascular and nerve pack which we call ‘pulp’ the pulp provides the vitality of the tooth. In some cases, the tooth pulp is infected and inflamed like many tissues and organs in the body. Inflamed pulp tissue causes tooth pain. The pain begins as hot / cold pain and short-term pain, and in the later stages, painless, long-lasting, throbbing pain or night-time pain are seen. In some cases, pain may become unresponsive to painkillers. Abscesses can also be observed in the tooth roots.

How is canal treatment conducted?

After the problem is detected by dental examination and radiography, the infected tooth is anesthetized. Traditional hand tools and modern rotary tools are used to remove pulp tissue and remove infected tissue. After the infected tissues are removed, the canal is filled with special filling materials to give the tooth a natural look. If the required tooth is to be coated, it is coated with suitable materials. Canal treatments should not be delayed and must be done as soon as possible. In our clinic, treatments are performed with care by our specialist doctors in the field of endodontics.