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Our Clinic

    We have started our story in 1989 with a little clinic that we performed our profession. With the help of dedication and hardwork we managed to open our second clinic in1994. Now we are serving in Our new center since 2014. With help of qualificated dentists speacilized in their own fields, we are one of the biggest in Turkey. In our facility we provide you comfortable treatments with the technology. Our current Dental Center in turkey is specialized in the following;

     Periodontology (Gum Diseases)
     Restorative Treatments (Filling)
     Endodontics (Canal Therapy)
     Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry)
     Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
     Operating rooms
     Dental Treatment
     Laser Dental Treatments
In addition, general anesthesia and sedation treatment services are offered in our center.

At IDH Süleyman Mert Oral and Dental Health Center, our vision is to use modern medical technologies in diagnosis and treatment methods. This is to provide a quality service according to international standards in terms of health services with its professional and expert staff. To become a respectable oral and dental health hospital, we understand the necessity of being a trustworthy organization focused on patient and employee satisfaction.

As IDH Suleyman Mert Oral and Dental Health Center, the satisfaction of our patients is our main goal. In this respect, it is necessary for us to meet the expectations of our patients in the most accurate way, to increase the number of healthy and happy smiling people.