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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of developmental, hereditary and acquired disorders of the jaw, face and teeth. Apart from the modern approaches of today's orthodontics, trials of orthodontic treatment date back to ancient times. A.D. In 625, Paulus Aegineta said that excess teeth could disrupt the shape of the tooth arch and this could be corrected by tooth extraction.
Perpendicular teeth, as is, do not only cause aesthetic problems. Perpendicular teeth are easily contaminated, more difficult to clean, decay easily, and are easily caught by gum disease. In addition, perplexed teeth pose a threat to the trauma of the adjacent and opposite teeth.
Orthodontics treats irregularities of the mouth and face, such as perplexed teeth, cavity teeth, improperly closed teeth, cleft lip and palate, jaw retention. Nowadays, orthodontic treatment is performed using brackets, ex-traoral devices, transparent plaques, orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery), distraction osteogenesis. After evaluating the skeletal and dental status of the patient, the appropriate treatment method is selected and treatment is completed.
In our clinic, treatments are applied by our specialist doctors.