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We all agree that our children are the most precious beings and therefore pediatric treatment requires special attention. It is necessary to know child psychology well, accustom them to the dentist chair without informing them, and inform them about tooth cleaning and ensure that they can live with healthy teeth throughout their lives.

Pedodontist (Pediatric Dentist), after graduating from the faculty of dentistry is called additionally trained dentist. From the newborn (0-28 days) period to the end of the adolescent (10-18 years) period, the pediatric dentist takes care of your child's dental problems.

All pediatric dental treatments, except orthodontics, fall within the specialty of the pedodontics branch. These treatments include preventive measures from caries (fluoride application, fissure removers), filling, amputation, root canal treatment, tooth cleaning, tooth extraction, treatment of injured teeth in traumas, apparatuses. These provide protection for the teeth and coatings made with special methods for children.

In our clinic, treatments are performed by our pedodontist. The treatment of children who are compatible can be performed under clinical conditions, and the treatment of children with intellectual disabilities or anxiety can be performed under sedation or under general anesthesia.

Sedation; Nowadays, sedation techniques are routinely used in adult or non-adherent pediatric patients, both in practice and in hospital conditions. The patient is not much different than in sleep. Service available in our clinic.

General Anesthesia: The patient does not respond to any stimulus while under anesthesia. He remembers nothing about the process. It is applied in a very safe way in general operating theaters in our clinic.